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Welcome to Part Two of our interview with Happy Healthy Caregiver’s creator and founder, Elizabeth Miller. In Part One, Elizabeth shared the most important lessons she’s learned from her caregiving experience and what led her to create www.happyhealthycaregiver.com.

In Part-two, Elizabeth talks about her Certified Caregiving Consultant course, upcoming Happy Healthy Caregiver podcast and where she most often hangs out on social media.

Elizabeth, we hear you became a Certified Caregiving Consultant. What information would you say has impacted you the most from this experience and program?

I wasn’t completely sure what to expect. I’m a chronic learner and I knew I had more to learn. I definitely don’t know all there is to know about caregiving. For example, I haven’t had any direct exposure to dementia or Alzheimer’s.

The class is very structured and organized. The instructor, Denise Brown of CareGiving.com, has organized the content into the stages you go through as a family caregiver. It starts with the expectant caregiver stage and goes through all the stages including the one after your caregiving role ends.

happy healthy caregiver founder, elizabeth millerShe gives you the tools to meet people where they are in each stage, and this training helped me a lot. For example, I love to help people, but sometimes they don’t want to necessarily be helped, or they aren’t ready for the help. They just need someone to listen to them. One of Denise’s superpowers she shares is related to empathy and validation. The importance of meeting people where they are.

We also hear you’re planning to launch a Happy Healthy Caregiver podcast. Can you tell us more about this?

happy healthy caregiver, elizabeth miller, podcastsListening to podcasts has been something I have enjoyed doing, especially while I was engrossed in caregiving responsibilities. I had less time to read books and articles but listening to a podcast during my commutes or carpools or trips back and forth to see my parents was doable. Podcasts were my go-to for learning how to cope with situations, the challenges of the day, and even learning how to start an online business.

Creating a podcast for Happy Healthy Caregiver is a natural next step to reach family caregivers. I was approached by Chris MacLellan of the Whole Care Network about joining their team of podcasters and the timing felt right.

The podcast is in the works. I’m batching up a few episodes before launching it later this year. Each episode will focus on a topic to help family caregivers be happier and healthier. Sometimes I’ll be sharing my own stories and content and sometimes I’ll have guests who are either current or former family caregivers.

  Besides the podcast, what else is on the horizon for you?

I want to publish a few different books that I currently have swimming around in my head. I love to write and will also continue to look for ways to help share information in different media outlets.

happy healthy caregiver, elizabeth miller, corporations, senior communitiesI also am connecting more locally with corporations and senior communities by sharing interactive presentations with small groups of family caregivers. I currently lead the Atlanta Daughterhood Circle (a social support group for family caregivers) so I’ll continue to get the word out about that.

Lastly, I’m doing as much national speaking as my schedule will allow. I’m excited about speaking at the National Caregiving Conference this November in Chicago.

Wow. You’ve got a lot going on, Girl. So, tell us. What’s your favorite social media channel to hang out on?

I find that most of the interaction I get with family caregivers tends to be on Facebook. I even started a Happy Healthy Caregiver Facebook Group that has different daily themes (Monday Motivation, Tip Tuesday, Workout Wednesday, etc.). I also like Instagram a lot.


Thanks, Elizabeth for a jam packed two-part interview! It’s amazing how many ‘Daughters Turned Caregivers Turned Entrepreneurs’ we run across. If you’re one of us and would like to be interviewed for a blog – PLEASE contact us at info@daughtersunite.com. We’d love to share what you’re doing for our amazing tribe! Also, don’t miss this year’s 2nd Annual National Caregiving Conference – even if you can’t travel – you can attend online!

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