“Caregiver? Hmm…I thought I was a Daughter.”

  April Koontz LCSW, PMP, Founder

Daughter Turned Caregiver Turned Daughter Uniter

If you’re a daughter who’s been thrown into the chaotic world of caregiving – you’re not alone. In fact, you’re in great company! There are over 22 million of us out there and if you’re like me – you probably had no idea you were considered a ‘caregiver’. I know I didn’t and I have a Masters Degree in Social Work! 

So I’m on a mission. A mission to connect my fellow daughters – those who are currently walking the caregiving journey to those who’ve already walked it to those whose journey awaits them.

We daughters are an invaluable resource to our families, employers, healthcare system and country. It’s time we unite – have each other’s backs – and use our collective power to make a brighter future for the daughters behind us. 


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