Millennial Caregiver Turned Dementia Ambassador

Daughters, meet fellow daughter, Aisha Adkins.
Aisha is a Millennial and a full-time caregiver for her mother and founder of Our Turn 2 Care, a platform for young adult caregivers who are people of color or members of the LGBTQA community. She’s an authentic storyteller who’s driven by her faith, inspired by her family, and eager to use her talents to affect positive social change.

Aisha earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Georgia Southern University and has worked in fields ranging from healthcare to technology to nonprofit development. When she is not a doting daughter and agent of change, she enjoys classic film, traditional jazz, and cookies-n-cream ice cream.
. Thanks, Aisha for sharing your story and amazing passion!

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3 Significant Lessons I Learned on the (Caregiving) Job


Jessica and her mom.

Daughters, meet fellow daughter, Jessica McLean.
Jessica is a freelance writer and full-time caregiver to her Mom who has Primary Progressive MS and Epilepsy. She lives Austin, TX with her husband and Mom, and blogs about caregiving tips, ideas, and solutions at Givea.Care. In this week’s blog, Jessica (aka ‘Jess’) shares three significant lessons she’s learned from and about caregiving.
Thanks, Jess for sharing your heart and wisdom!

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The Unique Challenges of Millennial Caregivers


Feylyn Lewis, Millennial Caregiver -with her mom and brother.

Daughters, do you know a Millennial (someone between the ages of 18-34) who is caring for a family member? We do. Her name is Feylyn Lewis and she’s dedicated her life’s work to supporting other younger age caregivers. Check out her story and what she has to say about Millennial caregivers. Thanks, Feylyn!

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Boomerang Care: Life’s Biggest, Baddest Roller Coaster (Part 1 of 3)

Daughters, we all ride the Boomerang Care Roller Coaster in one way, shape or form; it’s an emotional ride like no other and it’s just a matter of time. Are you ready?

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Beware of the Daughter Burnout B(W)itch!

Image depicting a woman suffering from caregiver burnoutDaughters, are you feeling totally burned out, exhausted, furious, on edge, out of your mind crazy? It’s okay. It’s just the Daughter (Caregiver) Burnout B(W)itch. Read more to find out some recommendations for sending her ‘on her way’.

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